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Options for Adding Customers into TellMyBoss

The following posts describes a variety of options for getting customers into the TellMyBoss Review Platform. Please don’t hesitate to contact support@TellMyBoss.net with any questions you may have.

Option 1) Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows you to request feedback from your customer on-site. This is ideal for restaurants, medical offices, handyman and any other business that works and interacts with their customer in person.

Option 2) Importing and Uploading Customers from a Spreadsheet

Ideal for medium and large volume customer lists. We recommend to upload a fresh list once a week depending on your customer volume. TellMyBoss will check for duplicate and existing Email Addresses in your list – only the first occurrence of the email address will be imported.

Option 3) Entering Customers Manually

Great for small businesses with lower volume of customers and those businesses who work remotely and cannot utilize Kiosk Mode. TellMyBoss is fully responsive and works great on any phone or tablet.

Option 4) Feedback URL

The perfect solution for any business who does not have a Customer Email list. The unique “Feedback URL” can be added to websites, email signatures, email newsletters, existing survey forms as well as printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the customers email or name.

Option 5) Feedback Button on Website

Great for every business owner that has a website. TellMyBoss comes with an easy to add ‘Testimonials Widget’ that works with any HTML, PHP, WordPress and other website. The testimonials widget will not only show your happy customer reviews on your website- it also makes the reviews indexable for Google and other Search Engines using Schema Review Markup. And it has an (optional) button for customers to leave you feedback.

Option 6) SMS

The TellMyBoss SMS feature allows you to send plain text message requests to customers, and text message requests with an image if you want to stand out.

Option 7) Zapier Integration

Many customers have asked us for an efficient and easy way to import customers from other web services and online apps. Until now, you had to manually export your customers and import them into TellMyBoss, or you could build your own integration with our API.

Zapier was created to automate those type of tasks between online apps without the need of development teams and coding knowledge.

Option 8) Location Finder

The TellMyBoss Location Finder allows your customers to locate a branch, office or store using a simple address or zip lookup, as well as using a receipt number or other location code in order to leave feedback.

Please contact support@TellMyBoss.com if you are interested in using the “Location Finder” for your business.

Option 9) TellMyBoss API

A professional solution for integrating with existing Customer Management Solutions, Point of Sales Systems and any other proprietary systems.

Option 10) Custom Integration

We are here to help you succeed. Common custom integrations include Webhooks and Json. If you would to discuss your integration needs don’t hesitate to reach out to us: support@TellMyBoss.net.


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