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TellMyBoss Email Feedback Request Flow

The following screenshot tour is a simplified overview of the feedback request loop available through TellMyBoss.net. It is not a complete representation of all features, functions and options available within TellMyBoss.

Alternative options for using TellMyBoss (even if you don’t have your customers email addresses) can be found at the bottom of this post.


1) Add a business(es) and / or business locations into TellMyBoss.

2) Add customer(s) to a selected business in TellMyBoss

3) Send a customizable feedback request email to customer (automatically or manually)

4) Customer provides feedback. A Positive and Negative feedback example is shown below. Optionally you can ask for “rating only“, which will not display the text box, but the rating slider only.

5) Customers leaving positive feedback will see links to review the business online. Customers leaving negative feedback will be asked to provide more details. Helping you to follow up with the customer and to resolve the situation. The more info you have the better!

6) Customer will receive a “Thank You” email. The email for both happy and unhappy customers are fully customizable.

7) The Business Owner (as well as optionally the Business manager and Account owner) will receive a Feedback Alert email containing all the details.

8) If the feedback is positive the review/testimonial can be set to show up automatically on a website of choice using the TellMyBoss Reviews Widget. The review will be embedded as original content using Schema.org Review Format. Search Engines will love you!

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